Wet and wild at Wootton Park

Wootton Park: Renewable energy and water sports

The year 2015 has seen many businesses recognise the advantages of turning ‘green’ and ensuring their carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.  However for conference and events venue Wootton Park in Warwickshire, it has been an ongoing aim. 
“We have a range of renewable energy sources at Wootton Park which include solar energy, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and biomass boiler,” Mark McCall at Wootton Park said. 
“There are also three solar arrays on the barn roofs which supply electricity and feed any excess into the grid.” 
The newest source of renewable energy at the venue is the installation of a 150kW biomass boiler which heats the Farmhouse, Bakehouse and the events centre. It is fully automatic with an auger which loads the boiler from the adjacent store.  
“The boiler heats a 3000L water heat storage tank and the hot water is pumped around the park as required,” Mark said. 
“It’s extremely efficient and has been a huge improvement from the old oil system. We took the plunge and took the old system out, fuelling the new boiler with wood chips which are sourced from the Radley Estate just a few miles down the road. 
“The wood chip store is filled on average every 4 weeks and, as it burns so efficiently, this produces about a hand bucket full of ash each week which can be spread on the garden or fields,” Mark said. 
But it’s not just renewable energy Wootton Park are focusing on – they are currently in the process of creating a water sports lake and surrounding landscaped gardens to provide a habitat for local wildlife. 
“We are busy digging the hole for the water sports lake and the British weather is already trying to fill it,” Mark said. 
“The water surface area of the lake will be just under three acres with a further two acres used for landscaping and tree planting.” 
“We have an intensive three-to-four month dig and landscaping project planned and we are trying to complete the main digging operation before the winter so that it has time to fill up. We estimate it will hold around 15 million litres of water,” Mark said. 
The process of ordering the cable winch systems which will pull the intrepid wakeboarders up and down the lake is underway and Wootton Park hopes to open the lake summer 2016.


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